War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki

War of the Visions takes place in a continent called Ardra. Which is located in the world of Lapis, same as its predecessor Brave Exvius.

In Ardra the lands are not very peaceful. Because of the struggle for dominance between many Kingdoms. One of them is Leonis, where our main character Mont Leonis hails from.

He is the elder brother of the twin princes in the Kingdom. Unlike his brother who is a master with the sword, Mont is someone who does not like disputes.

As rumours were going on of who would succeed the throne, news from the borders came. A carriage carrying the princess of Hourne, Machérie Hourne, is being attacked.

This incident will lead to the fateful encounter between Mont and Machérie...

What should be known is that the destination of Machérie's carriage is to the barbaric Kingdom, Fennes...