War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki

Your First Few Hours[ | ]

When starting in Final Fantasy War of the Visions, you will be directed to a series of tutorials. These tutorials will get you started on your way to learning the basic mechanics of the game.

If you are rerolling, you can skip parts of the tutorial, but it will still take an investment of a few hours to build out a new account to the point you can make the final decision about whether it's worth rerolling or not.

Also, as soon as you can see the options page, change your game speed to 2x, it should be as early as the second or third fight. Do not suffer on 1x speed for one fight longer than necessary!

Should I reroll?[ | ]

As most permanent units are available to beginners via free Unit of Choice (UoC) tickets or purchase many of the previous "must have" units from Bingo Cards or Mog Shops, the question to this answer will vary based on what limited time units are currently being offered.

The "9 Step" summons that have been offered on recent limit unit releases are great values and should be your goal for initial vis to see if you grab this week's best available unit. One of the key things about the current banners is that their shards are plentiful in the shops. If you do catch a limited time unit, focus your visiore spends on shards for that unit. Most limited units from collaborations will not be available for some time after their summon period ends.

Beginner's Level 99 Starter Unit[ | ]

There is now a beginner's free level 99 unit in the tutorial pull. You can get to this pull and reroll in about 5 minutes if you skip the tutorials.

Of these units, it may be worth quick rerolling to obtain Ildyra, Frederika, or Rain, as these units will really give you a great starting point for continuing in the game and they are relatively straight forward for beginners to use effectively.

Unit Rating Beginner UoC? Mog Shop? Element Type Notes
Ildyra S Yes Yes Water Magic Calculator Great farming unit. Can mix instant cast AoE magic damage dealing and healing. Will open a lot of doors for multi participation. She's an "all arounder" that can fix a lot of the stuff you'll run into.
Frederika A Yes No Lightning Ranged DPS Ranged unit with guaranteed hit capabilities. Great EX Upgrade.
Rain A Yes No Fire Magic Tank Magic Tank that can deal some damage with a great EX Upgrade. On the negative side, he uses a specific magic based greatsword (Crimson Saber), which is hard to come by, as it only appears in raids and tower events.
Sakura A Yes No Light Magic DPS Light Mage that can imperil opponents and deal significant damage. Can also chain with Lightning.
Lu'Cia B Yes No Wind Ranged DPS Ranged unit with defense penetration capabilities. Has Quadruple Shot ability that can get you through those "Chain" or "Element Chain" achievements with one use.
Lasswell B Yes No Ice DPS Ice Slash Attacker. EX Upgrades are nice, but he's outclassed by Velric in the normal pool.
Kilphe B Yes No Earth Magic Bruiser Kilphe is a good mix of Magic DPS and Tank, but is a bit dated. Outclassed by Moore.
Vinera Fennes B Yes No Dark Dodge Tank Vinera is a specialized unit that does well with a lot of dodge oriented equipment. I would not recommend her over other units here for beginners.

Other Beginner Pulls[ | ]

There are several one tix Helena (Black-Robed Witch) in particular is a great unit all around and is useful early game as both a farmer and a PvP unit and can fit into many team compositions. Olberon and Jayden are also recent great attackers, although they typically need some additional equipment, vision cards, and specific teammates to really shine, you may find yourself building around these two. Of the older units Ruin Sterne is also a very straight forward DPS unit that got a great boost with his recent EX upgrades.

Use any UoC shard tickets that allow for 100 cost units towards one 100 cost unit. Trying to fully build out many units will diffuse your resources, so try to concentrate on on 100 cost unit that you can supplement with lower cost units to round your initial team out with.

Once you have an initial pull you are happy with, look to use the two beginner UoC pulls to acquire units that complement the units you have.

For example: If you get Helena, consider building out Garvall to compliment her. If you start with Jayden, then consider Sakura or Engelbert as supporting units. Maintaining focus on that initial 3-4 units and ensuring they somehow relate to one another is key.

WotV Startup Screen

Startup Screen with "Data" button.

Reroll Procedure[ | ]

Recent updates make rerolling a lot easier too. To reroll an account, simply select the "Data" button from the initial start up screen, then select "Delete Account". Restarting the app will then bring you back to the option to create a new account.

Your First Few Days[ | ]

New Player Daily Logon Rewards[ | ]

The Daily Logon Rewards will give you a lot of resources that will help you jump-start your account.

Day 1 - Unit of Choice (UoC) ticket

  • Just hold on to this for a bit, you'll have quite a few opportunities to summon units, the UoC is a great option to fill your gaps out after you've assessed the units you've drawn

Days 2-7 - Shard UoC tickets

  • These are great to use to fill out units you've pulled and selected to be part of your first team. In general, you should use these shards in building your first core team of units.

Beginner's Shop[ | ]

Beginner's Shop

The Beginner's Shop has some really amazing values. Buy what you can with free Visiore and check back in daily.

This shop has a lot of great value items pre-stocked. It is only available for the first 14 days after you create a new account. You almost cannot go wrong buying everything that you can with free vis in this shop. Specifically, make sure you pick up the following items:

  • UR Unit Guaranteed 10x summons
    • A steal for 500 vis each, buy as many as you can and summon the units right away, before making any decisions about re-rolling.
  • UR Select Shard x50 summon tickets
    • Also an amazing deal.
    • Note these tickets can be used for 100 cost units, unlike the tickets that come from the beginner's logon bonus tickets, so use them on a 100 cost unit if you pull one, be patient on using them.
Challenge Bingo Card

Level up Shadowlynx according to this card to gain access to the next card, eventually gaining Mediena on Card 3.

Missions and Challenges[ | ]

One of the first set of tasks you should focus on is completing the bingo cards in the UR unit challenge as well as any other event bingo boards that you acquire the units or vision cards you might need to unlock. These Challenge cards will provide resources and steer you towards various aspects of building you units and advancing the story. Prizes are awarded for each individual square completed as well as for each "line" completed until you've reached the full Bingo black-out and then gain all of the benefits of the card.
Complete the daily missions every day. Also keep an eye on event specific missions that you can attempt prior to an event ending. These missions also steer you towards activities that improve your account and also help you continue to progress in the game.

Your First Few Units[ | ]

When starting this game, accruing new units is the most obvious place people start. Rerolling questions arise and center around units. Fortunately, the first anniversary updates to the new user experience make building a good starting team a lot easier than it had been in the past.

Units you receive automatically[ | ]

Mont Leonis

Mont Leonis is included as your first character.

Unit Rating Element Type Notes
Mont Leonis B Earth Tank Starter unit that is cheap to build up and is the main protagonist in the story. EX upgrade is available now. Shards are bought with Gil not Visiore, making him a good value build. He's still a strong tank and has become a fashionable counter to Cloud and Fredericka.
Shadowlynx B Dark Thief Received from the UR Challenge Bingo Card series. You'll minimally want to level her to level 70 to get through the bingo cards to acquire Mediena. Has a triple hit slash move (Dream within a Dream) that is useful in chaining missions.
Mediena C Ice Magic AoE DPS Received from the UR Challenge Bingo Card series. Mediena was a great farming unit that launched with the game. Initially she was a must have unit, but she's outclassed by many units now.

Units you can get from the Mog Shops[ | ]

Here are the highlights of the units available in the Mog Shops.

Unit Rating Mog Shop Element Type Notes
Xiza SS Guild Medal Dark Monk / Thief Mediocre unit with the best TMR in the game. You will want to go "all in" for the TMR or save the resources.
Ildyra S Friend Medal Water Calculator Great farming unit. Can mix instant cast AoE magic damage dealing and healing. Will open a lot of doors for multi participation. She's an "all arounder" that can fix a lot of the stuff you'll run into.

Top recommendations for the Beginner's UoC unit summon[ | ]

As previously mentioned, be patient, get through the initial free 10 unit summons for 7 days, see what units you have at that point, and then look at the list below and consider what roles you still need to fill or what element you might want to round out.

Unit Rating Beginner UoC? Element Type Notes
Pharm A Yes Water Evasion Unit Newer evade unit.
Moore A Yes Water Magic Bruiser Water mage that can take a few hits. Great counter to Rain and King Mont.
Garvall A Yes Dark Energist (Magic DPS) Dark Mage that grants boost to other Dark units in party.
Charlotte A Yes Lightning Magic Tank Magic Tank unit. Generates hate on her main job. Pairs nicely with Frederika and Cloud.
Velric A Yes Ice Slash DPS Ice Slasher with notable three-hit Drain Rush ability that also heals. His TMR can auto-brave your team while farming. His best weapon is an event weapon from FFX event, however, so in the past.
Salire (Sweetheart) B Yes Ice Energist (Magic DPS) Ice Mage with Time Mage capabilities. She also has instant attacks and Time Mage sub.
Rain B Yes Fire Magic Tank Magic Tank that can deal some damage with a great EX Upgrade. On the negative side, he uses a specific magic based greatsword (Crimson Saber), which is hard to come by, as it only appears in raids and tower events.

Your First Few Weapons (and other equipment)[ | ]

For your initial weapons and equipment, consider the units you have and what weapons they can use.

In the beginning of the game, it is going to be most important to take advantage of the events that are being offered and pick up the recipes and hopefully the crafting materials you need to get some basic weapons, armor, and items.

Try to acquire 7 recipes for weapons you can use, particularly MR or UR weapons that are part of an active event. This should allow you to create a +2 version of the weapon. +2 weapons are a nice "medium ground" for starting out, as you will have some opportunity to choose the weapon type, will get most of the advantages of a +5 weapon, but at a fraction of the cost. +2 weapons have the unique characteristic that if you choose to "disassemble" the weapon later to build a +5, you will lose the least amount of invested resources.

For example, in April 2021, the "Rundall" event ran again and this features the Ras Algathi gun. If you have a gunner, then it this is likely one of the better weapons for them. Perform the basic achievements for solo play in the event, and then take your farming unit to get to enough recipes and materials to craft the gun to +2.

At that point, don't feel obligated to over farm, go ahead and create the gun and level the +2 gun to level 50 using a crafting guide. You may also consider that if you have two gunners that you might want to team up that two +2 weapons are a superior option to a single +3 weapon.

If you need to chose between an "accessory" and a piece of "armor" that have similar stats, it's usually better to build the accessory. This is because accessories can generally be used by more characters than armor and you can equip as many accessories on a single unit as you like, but only one piece of armor.

As you look to grow your equipment inventory, keep in mind both the units you have and what kind of equipment they need as well as ensuring you have a variety of weapons available for different classes of characters. If you already have two wands, for example, you might want to prioritize the opportunity to pick up a sword instead.

Weapon proficiency for your units can cause you to take a small stat penalty, but it's generally better to overgear a unit without proficiency and farm with them than it is to use an N level weapon until you are proficient enough to use the upgraded equipment.

Your First Few Espers[ | ]

Esper icon lapscact s

Cactuar is a very viable starter esper

As you acquire espers, you should have the goal of selecting an esper of each element to maximize. In this case, having fewer maximized espers is a better strategy than several half built ones. You will get several "R" rarity espers as a part of the tutorial. Of these, Cactuar has the best longevity. For other elements, you might want to look to pull some Espers in Vision Card summons and grow those espers over the default units.

Always equip every one of your units with an esper as you go into farming activities, even if the esper is only level 1. This is to gain resonance with the esper. In this case, it is best to understand enough about an esper to know who to pair it with. The most basic approach is to look at the unit's ATK vs. MAG stat and ensure you pair magic espers with magic units. One step further, if an esper's nodes enhance slash attacks, then you'll generally want to pair with a sword user, for example.

When upgrading espers, be sure to build out their ability grid. Look the grid over and use your judgement for building out one or two main abilities, but don't overthink this too much. If you really mess an esper build up, you can reset the esper's ability grid for 50 visiore, which is enough to be thoughtful about building, but not enough to overthink building your espers out.

Your First Few Vision Cards[ | ]

Mindflayer Vision Card

Investing in the right Vision Cards is key to reaching your team's maximum potential

Vision Cards are the "Secret Weapon" that more seasoned players have tuned to their teams in a way that will cause mid-growth players to not understand how their team of 99 units with good equipment gets wiped clear by an opposing team of seemingly similar statistics.

These cards should align to your initial core team's abilities. Have a light team? Focus on light focused Vision Cards such as Bahamut. Magic oriented team? Combining Roaring Thunderclap, Ramuh with Trousseau​ combines "Magic damage up" with "Magic ATK up" to double up while not overlapping.

Notable Vision Cards in the Mog Shop[ | ]

With the introduction of Vision Stars, the ability to level up any non-limited Vision Card has increased significantly, but there is a selection of Vision Cards and VC Shards in the mog shops that are notable.

Vision Card Rating Mog Shop Element Card or Fragments Notes
Hourne's First DIvision, <<Solidus.. S Arena Medals Light Card and Fragments Slash Resist for whole party, MAG ATK for unit equipping
Moonlit Fang, Fenrir S Guild Medals Ice Fragments Only Magic Resist for whole party, +50% ATK for Ice units at max.
Vow of Love S Arena Medals Thunder Card and Fragments Hate up for unit equipping, ATK Up for whole team